Knowing Your Own Alcohol Limits

It can often times be hard to tell whether you have had too much to drink because people do not know how alcohol effects them and also because alcohol effects each of us differently depending on a lot of factors. Some of the factors that effect the way in which our bodies handle and can tolerate alcohol include body weight and age and height and gender as well as genetics. There are so many ways in which alcohol can effect us but there is one way in which we can all tell how drunk or intoxicated we are and that is by using a personal breathalyzer. These things really are such a great invention because they allow us, no matter who we are to carry it with us and use it whenever we may need it. There is really no need to go out and drink and not have a personal breathalyzer. Personal breathalyzers are great because you can carry them with you and they are easy and convenient and you will literally never have to worry about not having it with you. That is the beauty of personal breathalyzers, you never have to go anywhere without it because you can always have it in your purse or in your pocket or attached to your keys. There is no excuse not to have one of these devices especially since it is so hard to know your own limits when it comes to drinking and consuming alcoholic beverages when you are out.